-Went to first rave

-looked really good at the club for the first time ever

-messed up 

-loved again

-woke up smiling. 

and it’s only saturdayyy <3


"true beauty is within" for example opening your fridge

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I’m not supposed to like you and you aren’t obligated to like me and we’re just here pretending like none of this means anything or will ever mean anything as we both wait longingly for someone better to sweep us both away from each other’s arms. 

And it’s supposed to be okay. I’m supposed to be okay. 

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never throw me anything unless you’re ok with it dropping

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ayesoutheofficial: How's it going so far?


oh the things id wear if i had the body for it 



There are few things I want more than longer days and a guitar to play.

PS: Happy bid day.  

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I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.
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Anonymous: picture of ears w earrings in please!

damn I just took em out